Merging users

Once in a while you’ll a customer that opens tickets from two or three different email addresses. While this may work for them, you might want to merge these accounts into one for convenience.

How to merge users

Go to the user profile page in the Admin Panel.

Select Merge from the ... menu on the upper left panel.

Click on the field in the Merge User dialogue and start typing a user name, email or phone.

Select a desired user from suggestions.

Click Change if you wish to select a different destination topic.

Merge only when you're ready. Once you hit the merge button, there's no going back!

Tip: You can also open the Merge User dialogue by selecting Merge from the ⋮ menu in the users list.

What is merged

When you merge users together, all their profile data, ticket history, community activity – including started topics, votes and comments get combined into one profile. When profile data is merged, fields that allow multiple values (e.g. emails, phones, websites, social networks, instant messenger handles) are combined, while fields like name or address are preserved in the profile you're merging into.

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