Merging duplicate community topics

Occasionally you may have users submit duplicate ideas, questions or problems to your community.

The Merge feature in Helprace lets you consolidate these topics into one.

How to merge topics

  1. Open the topic you want to merge in the Admin Panel.
  2. Select Merge from the ⋮ menu.

  3. Select one of the suggested topics or search for a desired topic.
  4. Once you've selected a destination topic, you can preview the merge.

  5. The topic at the top merges into the topic at the bottom. Use the double-headed arrow ( ↕ ) button to swap them.
  6. Click Change if you wish to select a different destination topic.
  7. Merge only when you're ready. Once you hit the merge button, there's no going back!

What is merged

This is what happens when you merge topics together (let's say an "original topic" is merged to a "destination topic"):

  • Title and content of the original topic turns into a reply in the destination topic.
  • Files attached to the original topic get attached to the content of the destination topic.
    • If an attachment with the same filename already exists, the filename id will be appended to make it unique.
  • Unique votes will be merged. If a user voted for both topics, the higher vote will be preserved.
  • Replies will be merged.
  • Comments will be merged.
  • If a user followed one of the old topics, they will follow the merged one.

The original topic will be deleted and its URL will be redirecting to the destination topic.

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