Custom Apps, Bulk Updates, Merge Tickets, Topics & Auto-Assign Tickets

Custom Apps

Custom Apps display additional data about your users from an external source. Information is displayed right in your ticket sidebar, helping agents solve tickets more efficiently without interrupting their workflow.

Learn more: Building Custom Apps

Merge Tickets

When customers send you a number of emails regarding the same issue, it can be annoying to say the least. Now you can merge numerous tickets into one conversation stream.

Learn more: Merging tickets

Merge Duplicate Topics

Ever come across the same idea submitted multiple times? Normally you’d delete the duplicate and move on. But what if people have already voted for it and shared their input? You wouldn’t want to lose that valuable customer input.

Fear not! Now you can merge your community topics (questions, ideas, problems) into one in just a few clicks.

Learn more: Merging community topics

Auto-assign Tickets

Assign tickets to the least busy agent or in a circular order (round-robin).

We added a trigger that takes care of automatic ticket assignment to your account. It is disabled by default. Go to Settings > Tickets > Triggers to turn it on.

Learn more: Auto-assigning tickets to agents

Bulk Tickets Update

Change multiple ticket attributes and reply to many tickets at once. Particularly useful when you need to apply common changes to multiple tickets in your ticket list.

Learn more: Updating tickets in bulk

New Captcha

We have updated Captcha in the user signup form. The new Captcha is easier on humans and tougher on bots. Normally users do not even see a Captcha quiz. If they pass background check, the Captcha will be completely invisible to them.