Merging tickets

Occasionally you may have a user submit similar or duplicate tickets.

The Merge feature in Helprace lets you consolidate these tickets into one.

How to merge tickets

Open a ticket you wish to merge into in the Admin Panel.

Click on a ticket you wish to merge and close on the right panel under Previous Interactions.

That will open a preview of the ticket with a Merge button on the upper left.

Merge only when you're ready. Once you hit the Merge button, there's no going back!

What happens when you merge a ticket into another

This is what happens when you merge tickets together (an "original ticket"  is merged into a "destination ticket"):

  • Original ticket is marked as closed
  • A note with a link to the destination ticket is added to the original ticket, and vice versa

Please note that you can only merge tickets from the same user. If you wish to merge two tickets from different users (e.g. one person sending two tickets from two emails), there are two ways of doing that:

  • You can change requester of one of the tickets, so that both tickets belong to the same user.
  • You can go to the People page and merge those users.

Please note that merging topics into tickets is not possible at this time.

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