Adding a personal agent signature to tickets

Helprace allows agents to create and manage signatures that get added to outgoing emails (when the agent responds to an email using the agent interface).

Signatures are personal and associated with the agent. I.e., each agent has their own collection of signatures.

If you need to create a unified signature for all agents at once, check this article instead: Adding a shared signature to ticket replies

Creating your first signature

Open a ticket.

Click the Reply button.

When signatures are minimized, you'll see the   button. Click it to expand the signature area.

If you do not have any signatures yet, you'll see "No signature. Add". Click Add to create your first signature.

  1. Signature title. It's seen only to you. Use a title that will let you easily identify this signature in the list.
  2. Signature body. Helprace doesn't add any text before or after the signature, so if you need the "--" text at the beginning, add it yourself.
  3. Placeholders. You can use placeholders in the signatures. For a list of available placeholders check Helprace email placeholder guide
  4. Mailboxes. You can assign your signature to one or multiple mailboxes. This will set this signature by default when you're replying from a particular mailbox.

Lastly, you can always select the signature manually as shown in the next step.

Selecting a signature

When replying to a ticket, expand the signature by clicking the   button.

Click on the button with two arrows and select a desired signature from the list.

Editing a signature

In a ticket expand the signature by clicking the   button.

Click on the button with two arrows and select "Manage Signatures".

Click on a signature to edit it, make your changes and click Save.

You can rearrange signatures in the list. This will affect the order of signatures in the menu.

You will not see the signature in your conversation thread. Rest assured, it's there, hidden from view!

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