Helprace email placeholder guide

Placeholders are commands that refer to ticket properties in email messages. Without the use of placeholders, it would be impossible to send notifications to customers.

Here's where you can use placeholders:

The placeholder link can be found when setting canned responses (macros) or email notifications as part of your business rules (triggers and automations). Click Show placeholder details to see the full list of placeholders.

Placeholders are divided into 3 categories: TicketsUsers and Comments. Ticket properties contain data such as status, priority and ticket URL. User properties include names, emails and so on. Comments contain previous ticket replies arranged in various ways.


Ticket placeholders are designed for general ticket properties in Helprace.

ticket.created and ticket.updated refer to time when ticket was created or updated



Ticket subject
Ticket description

Full URL path to ticket


Relative URL path to ticket


Relative URL path to ticket


Unique ticket ID


The source channel of the ticket. It can be email, user-portal, admin-panel, feedback-widget, or api.


Ticket status (New, Open, Pending, On-Hold, Solved)


Ticket priority (Low, Normal, High, Urgent)


Ticket type (Question, Incident, Problem, Task)


All tags registered on the ticket.


Time ticket was created


Ticket created timestamp

Time ticket was updated

Ticket updated timestamp

Ticket users

Ticket users include:

  • ticket.assignee - person assigned to the ticket
  • ticket.requester - person requesting the ticket
  • ticket.submitter - person submitting the ticket
  • current_user - person currently updating the ticket. It can be either an agent or an end-user.




Your account name


Ticket assignee name, if any


Ticket assignee first name, if any


Ticket assignee last name (if any).


Ticket requester full name.


Ticket requester first name


Ticket requester last name.


Ticket requester email.


Ticket submitter email.


Ticket CCs.


Ticket CCs emails


The username of the user


The user's first name


The user's second name.


The user's role (end-user or agent). Administrator users return as agent.


returns the name of the agent's Enterprise role.


The user's ID.


The user's email address.

Ticket comments

Ticket comments are added to tickets as a separate object. Helprace returns formatted and non-formatted data as explained below:




All comments


All formatted comments


Latest comment


Public comments, latest first


Formatted public comments, latest first

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