Enabling and customizing customer satisfaction ratings

Customer satisfaction ratings let you measure customer sentiment regarding previous interaction with support agents.

Once you enable this feature, your customers will start getting emails asking them to rate a recently resolved support request. Clicking either "Good" or "Bad" casts the vote automatically with an option to leave a comment if the customer so wishes.

You can customize the look of your satisfaction rating email and any conditions when it is sent to customers.

Enabling customer satisfaction ratings

Satisfaction ratings are disabled by default. To enable them go to Settings > TICKETS > Settings page and tick the Customer Satisfaction option. This enables the necessary business rules that manage satisfaction rating emails. As a result, customers will be asked to rate their experience 24 hours after their ticket is marked as solved.

When a customer clicks on "Good" or "Bad", their vote is collected immediately. They can provide an optional comment with rating.

Customers can cast their votes even if they're not logged in to the user portal. This removes unneeded friction with login screens and similar obstacles. 

Additionally, customers can change their rating and comments after their initial rating is cast.

Customizing customer satisfaction ratings

You have full control over your satisfaction rating emails. Here are some of the things you can change:

Tip: Before you start customizing satisfaction rating emails take a look at this guide to familiarize yourself with triggers and automations: Using triggers and automations to manage ticket workflows

When you enable the Customer Satisfaction option on the Settings > TICKETS > Settings page, a new automation called Request customer satisfaction rating is added on the Settings > TICKETS > Automations page. This automation is responsible for sending an email with the customer satisfaction rating in 24 hours after a ticket is solved.

Edit text and design of the satisfaction rating email

Go to the Settings > TICKETS > Automations page and click on Request customer satisfaction rating. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see the template of the email sent to your customers.


The "{$ticket.satisfaction.rating_section}" placeholder shown on the screenshot inserts the pre-formatted Good and Bad links. If you want to set your own text or layout, you can use the following placeholders:

Placeholder Description
{$ticket.satisfaction.positive_rating_url} This URL points to the rating page with the "Good" rating pre-selected.
{$ticket.satisfaction.negative_rating_url} This URL points to the rating page with the "Bad" rating pre-selected.
{$ticket.satisfaction.rating_url} This URL points to the rating page without a pre-selected rating.

Change conditions when satisfaction rating email is sent

Go to the Settings > TICKETS > Automations page and click on Request customer satisfaction rating.

You'll see a list of conditions at the top. Default conditions say that the automation runs in 24 hours after a ticket is solved. You can change or remove these conditions and add your own.

The highlighted Ticket: Satisfaction condition and action ensure that this automation is launched only once per each ticket. Also the action Ticket: Satisfaction Is Offered makes the ticket satisfaction rating form visible to the customer when they open their ticket in the support portal.

Send satisfaction rating email with every agent's reply

You can ask customers to rate your support in every email they get from your agents. To do this you need to modify the Notify requester about public reply trigger and add the following text to the notification email template (you can customize the text as you see fit):

We'd love to know what you thought! Please rate your customer service experience by clicking on the appropriate link:


 Also you need to add the action Ticket: Satisfaction Offered to the trigger. Otherwise the rating won't show up when user clicks a rating link.

Tip: Please note that if you deactivate the Customer Satisfaction option in Settings > TICKETS > Settings, all triggers and automations that use conditions or actions related to the satisfaction rating will be hidden. Once you turn the option back on, they will re-appear.

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