Introducing Customer Satisfaction Ratings

The end of May brings us sunshine, happiness and... more feature releases!

Customer satisfaction ratings

Today we launched customer satisfaction ratings, which lets your end-users quickly and easily rate their support experiences.

By default, customers receive an email 24 hours after their ticket was resolved, prompting them to rate their support. They're also able to provide an optional comment to supplement their rating.

Customer satisfaction rating emails are fully customizable since they're sent using business rules. Their timing, content as well as targeting can be set according to your needs. Learn more by reading the article: Enabling and customizing customer satisfaction ratings.

Auto saving tickets and topics

When you abandon a reply without submitting it (due to a crashed browser, by closing your tab or moving to another ticket), you'll be able to come back to your edits at a later time.

This applies to all agents working on tickets, in addition to knowledge base & community topics, replies and comments. 

Specify the "From" email address

For those who have more than one custom email address in Helprace, you'll now be able to specify which address you'd like to use when creating a new ticket.

This is done by selecting a "From" address from a drop down box when filling out a new ticket. Note that multiple email addresses are available in "Targeted (Ticketing)" and "All-In" plans.