Comment Locking, Vote Limits, Splitting Tickets, Space-Restricted Widget and New Menu

Closing a Topic for Comments

If you’d like to stop users from posting additional replies, simply close a topic for further comments.

Topics with certain statuses can be closed automatically, e.g. if a problem is marked as solved or an idea is completed.

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Vote Limits

Wish to set custom limits for how many times users can vote in discussions? No problem.

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Splitting Tickets

Did you ever have a customer flood your conversation thread with multiple, unrelated questions? Wish to organize issues in separate tickets? Now you can create a new ticket from any reply or internal note in one click.

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Feedback Widget for a Particular Space

Have multiple products or services set up? You’ll now be able to create a feedback widget for that particular part of your Helprace. Simply select a desired space when creating a widget.

New Main Menu in Admin Panel

Using Helprace in widescreen on a compact device? You’ll love the new menu. We moved it to the left to save some precious vertical space.