New API Tweaks & Updates: Working with Votes and Image Uploads


This API update makes it easy to vote for topics and retrieve user votes.

Retrieval capabilities have been expanded to include the total number of votes, separating positive and negative totals as well as the number of people who voted for a particular topic.

A new endpoint has been added which supports:

  • voting on behalf of a desired user
  • listing users who voted for a topic (including their voting data)

Aside from working with votes, you're also able to import topics (especially ideas) from other applications.

Image upload

There is a new endpoint that allows you to upload images to Helprace cloud. It returns a temporary URL to the uploaded image, which you can use to create or edit a ticket, topic, or topic reply.

Similarly, if you're creating or updating a post and its html body contains an <img> tag, the image referenced in this tag will be uploaded to the Helprace cloud.


We're giving you more control over notifications through the API. You'll be able to disable notifications for tickets and community topics – including replies and updates made to them.

Last but not least...

A reminder that the API can also be used to create new tickets and topics. The big change is that now you can create topics, replies or comments in your community on behalf of a user - all using the API.

The inputs 'editor' refers to the user and 'submitter' to the agent who posted the item.

Lastly, the new 'host' column in the API logs to identify the source of the API call at a glance.

Check the API documentation for more details.