Custom SMTP, Phone Tickets, Voting and Posting on Behalf of User, Links to Topics..

Custom SMTP

Need to send emails through your SMTP server? No problem.

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Ensure that every email reaches your customer. With a bit of configuration on your domain control panel you can drastically improve your emails deliverability.

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Phone Tickets

It is no longer required to specify an email address when creating a ticket. A phone number will do just fine. Do not know your customer’s phone number? Just enter their name and log your communication. You can add their contact details later on, if needed.

Auto BCC

If you need to keep an external copy of each email that your team sends to customers, consider using the Auto BCC feature.

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Vote on User's Behalf

Know a user that supports an idea but has no time (or doesn't feel like) voting for it? Make their vote count and vote on their behalf.

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Post on User's Behalf

Did a user bring up a great idea by phone or email? Give credit where it's due by posting the idea for consideration using their account.

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Detailed View of Community Topics

You can see more details when viewing a topic in the admin panel.

List of voters

Detailed list of who voted for a topic and how.

List of followers

Check who would be getting a notification, should someone comments on the topic or if its status is changed.

List of related topics and check for duplicates

Check on related and similar topics. Found a duplicate? Merge it in one click.

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Adding a Link to a Topic

While working on a topic you can easily add a link to another topic. No need to open any extra browser tabs to locate and copy the link.

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Topic Links in the Admin Panel

All new links to topics will open in a relevant area. If you’ve viewing a topic in the user area, the link will open in the user area as usual. Though if you’re looking at the topic in the admin panel, clicking on a link to another topic will open a preview right there, within the admin panel.

If you copy such a link, the user panel URL will be copied though. So you can safely share it with a customer.

Autogenerated Table of Contents

Add a table of contents to your article. It is generated automatically from the article headings. Should you add, rename or remove headings, the ToC will update automatically when article is saved.