Webhooks, Previous/Next Navigation and Ticket Play


A while ago we released the Single Sign-On, published the Helprace API, and just recently we’ve given you the ability to create Custom Apps.

The latest feature in this list is Webhooks. Webhooks allow you to call a script on your server when an event in a ticket, topic or user occurs.

This allows you to create various notifications in your tools, apps or back-end systems.

Some examples include:

  • Update customer details (email, phone, activity) in your system when changed in your Helprace account.
  • Update your app’s member area based on the changes made in Helprace.
  • Alert your team in Slack when an internal note is added.

You can learn more about configuring webhooks in the recent knowledge base article.

Previous/Next Navigation

When viewing a ticket you can go “back and forth” between tickets in one click without going back to the ticket list.

Prev/Next navigation is also available in ticket and topic list previews, e.g. when you’re looking at topics with a certain tag or tickets created by a certain user.

Ticket Play

The Play feature enhances navigation when agents are working on tickets.

Clicking the Play button opens the first ticket and allows agents to work their way through every ticket until there are no more tickets left in the current filter.

This has practical reasons as it prevents agents from cherry-picking the easiest tickets in the list. While normally clicking “next” in the last ticket (or “previous” in the first one) returns you to the ticket list, Ticket Play cycles through an infinite loop until all the tickets are dealt with.

Tip: Your “Default Action On Submit” must be set to Next Ticket to use Ticket Play.