Deleting a user

All agents can delete and restore deleted users.

Deleting a user

Go to   People, to the right of your user click on the ⋮ button and select Delete. This will open a Delete dialog with the following options:

  • Delete tickets: deletes all tickets where a given user is the requester, along with all ticket replies, images, and attachments.
  • Delete topics: deletes all topics where a given user is the author, along with all replies, comments, images, and attachments.
  • Delete topic replies and comments: deletes all topic replies and comments added by the given user, along with all images.
  • Wipe personal data from user profile: deletes all personally identifiable information from the user profile. Only these fields are preserved: organization, organization website, city, state / province, country, note.

There is a counter next to the first three items showing how many tickets/topics are going to be affected. Clicking on a counter opens a preview list of relevant tickets/topics.

Deleting a user without selecting "Wipe personal data from user profile" will mark the user as deleted, but their personal data will still be preserved. Such user will be moved to the Deleted filter in the People page and disappear from searches on other pages.

Wiping a user profile

If "Wipe personal data from user profile" option is selected, the user will disappear from the system and their personal identifiable information (e.g. email, name, etc) will be removed. The user has the opportunity to contact you again in the future. This will create a new user account, as if the user never existed in the system.

You can remove user profile details later by selecting Wipe Profile from context menu of a user marked as deleted.

Wiped users won't show up in the Deleted list and can't be restored.

Restoring a user

If user data hasn't been wiped, you'll find the deleted user under the Deleted list in the People page. To restore a user click the ⋮ menu next to it and select Restore.

Please note that there is no way to restore a user whose data has been wiped. A new account for such a user can be created, however.

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