User roles

There are various roles you can assign to your team members to help you support your customers. Your customers are part of this, too.


The "master" of your Helprace account. The Owner is usually someone who created the account, having access to areas of Helprace that other team members do not (such as billing information, invoicing and payment options). The Owner can add additional Owners.


Admins are just below the Owner in the hierarchy and otherwise have full control over all aspects of your Helprace. Admins are able to set ticket rules and access all settings, with some exceptions:

Area Access restrictions
Users Cannot create, modify, delete Admin or Owner profiles

Cannot access Billing, Invoices, Company Info


Agents are ordinary customer service support staff. They are able to interact with customers to answer questions, resolve tickets, create knowledge base articles and moderate the community.

Area Access restrictions


No restrictions. See tickets that are unassigned, assigned to self, or assigned to others


Cannot access tickets assigned to Teams other than their own, unless assigned to them personally

Ticket Filters

SHARED FILTERS are visible globally. Can view only

TEAM FILTERS are visible to the Team the agent is part of. Can view only

MY FILTERS are personal filters. Can add or view them

Community & KB No restrictions


Cannot create, modify, delete Agent, Admin or Owner profiles


Cannot create, modify or add others to Teams

Groups, Organizations

Cannot create, modify or delete Groups

Spaces Cannot access to Space Management
Reports Cannot access
Settings Cannot access


Users are customers and site visitors that interact with your Helprace. Users can participate in communities, submit tickets and track their requests. They do not have any administrative privileges in Helprace.

Managing users


Click the + button and select   User. Depending on your privileges, you can add staff this way too.


Inviting and Importing with an email address sends a link to the specified email addresses which, when clicked, will lead them to their profile to set their own password.

Go to   People, click on  beside the search bar & Invite. Learn more

Users can sign up by themselves or login via social accounts (e.g. Facebook, Google, or Twitter). Those who sign up by themselves are assigned the User role by default. Staff members can change their role if needed.

Changing roles

Go to   People, to the right of your user click on the ⋮ button and select Change Role.

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