Importing and inviting users in bulk

Inviting and Importing with an email address sends a link to the specified email addresses which, when clicked, will lead them to their profile to set their own password.

Go to   People, click on  beside the search bar.


You can invite many individuals at the same time, but they all have to be of one role (eg. User). The green circle beside the avatar identifies staff members (Agents, Admins and Owners).

An invitation email will be sent to the user. The user will display the Invited badge until he or she takes action to confirm the invitation. You can resend an invitation.

The user needs to click the link within the email to accept the invitation to remove the Invited status.

The newly added agent can now update their profile with an avatar, company, etc. 

You can resend an invite by clicking beside the user in the list and selecting resend invite.


Same as above. Please note that there a limit on how many users can be imported from a single file at once. If the number of users in your file exceeds the limit, no users will be imported.

Plan Import User Limit
Trial 10
Free 100
Paid plans 1000

If you need to import more users than allowed by your plan, you can split the import file into smaller files, or contact us to increase the limit for your account.

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