How to ensure your online community is successful

Starting a customer community may seem like a daunting task. You may feel you don't have the time or the skills to get your customers on board.

That's a valid concern - an empty community isn't much use to anyone.

Yet a vibrant, active community is going to to offer customers answers throughout their relationship with your brand - from discovery, to purchase, to set up and support questions. You'll be  able to collect and track legitimate concerns and update customers about company decisions. A community then becomes a bastion of relevant discussions that constantly attracts new users.

Here ways you can promote your community to encourage participation:

  • On your website:
    • in your menu
    • product tutorials
    • static FAQ site
    • contact pages
  • Through your media:
    • newsletters
    • blog posts
    • site updates
    • press releases
  • During support interactions:
    • add a link to email signatures
    • link to discussions in your emails
  • In your social media accounts:
    • Twitter tweets
    • Facebook posts
  • Seed it with your own content:
    • best practices
    • common issues
    • community guidelines
  • Be friendly:
    • use positive words of encouragement
    • offer value to every discussion
    • be up front in difficult situations
  • Follow up:
    • always respond quickly
    • don't backtrack on decisions
    • own up to mistakes
  • Reward participants:
    • run contests
    • host exclusive giveaways
    • reward top participants

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