Posting without signup

By default your users need to login or register before posting a new topic to the community. If you wish to make it easier for unregistered users to share their feedback, you can allow them to post without signup.

Turning posting without signup on

Go to Settings > COMMUNITY > Settings.

Check theĀ Posting w/o Signup option andĀ Save.

This will allow users to submit topics without registration. They would only need to provide their email address.

What happens when a user posts without signup

As usual, the user can access the topic submission form through the search widget if none of the search results are satisfactory.

After filling in the form, they need to specify their email address and click Post to submit the topic.

The topic will be added to the community and an email with activation link will be sent to the user.

The user will also see a message after submission saying that they should click the link in the email to activate their account.

Posting without signup works for users who do not have an account or haven't activated their account yet (such users appear as "Invited" in your People page) in your Helprace. Once the user activates their account, they will be prompted for their password when submitting a topic.

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