Topic w/o Signup, New Ticket UI and New Icons

Christmas is over and we don’t want to lose any time - so we got some exciting news to share.

Topic without Signup

We want to make it easier for your customers to leave feedback - so we added an option that allows users to submit a topic to your community without registration. To start a new topic, all they have to do is provide an email address.

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New, simpler icons

We updated the UI design with brand-new icons. They give Helprace a cleaner and more professional look.

New Ticket UI

Not too long ago, we updated the look and feel of the community in the admin panel. We replaced text with icons and moved some buttons out of submenus. As a result, common actions are now within reach without cluttering up your work area. This new look now extends to the admin panel’s ticketing interface and the visual editor. Thanks to our new updates and icons, commands feel cleaner and more intuitive to use.