Say Ahoy to the New Helprace!

We’ve completely redesigned the admin panel, which includes your ticketing UI (Tickets page), user management (People page). We’ve introduced a new way to manage tags (Manage > Tags) and perhaps our most awaited feature, Reports.

Tickets page

The Tickets page has been completely redesigned. Previously, admins would work with tickets using two columns: ticket list and ticket view.

Not anymore! The ticket list takes up the bulk of the screen - with a handy preview of the message body - and clicking on a ticket opens up the conversation in ticket view. This allowed us to add a user sidebar to the right of the ticket view. The user sidebar displays quick user information with an option to drill down to learn more:

  • Avatar, name, job title, phone, email,  etc. More details hidden behind the curtain labeled “more”.
  • Quick user notes - you can leave a note about a user for yourself or other team members.
  • Customer satisfaction in the current ticket and across all customer's tickets.
  • Last 5 user interactions with your portal, e.g. all their tickets, topics, replies, votes, etc. Clicking on a number opens a preview window with the full list of the selected content.

You can delete internal notes, hide and edit ticket replies. It is also possible to see the source of any received email.

Your reply and changes to ticket attributes are automatically saved as draft. You can continue working on a ticket even if you closed the tab or went to a different page.

People page

The People dashboard gives you more freedom to sort, order and find the right person.

The interface is cleaner and more logically laid out: No more Blocked users cluttering your view. They’re hidden from search results or default filters. You’ll only see and search them in the “Blocked” filter.

It is now possible to:

  • Add or edit users. Fill in any user details on-the-fly.
  • See a user’s full activity, including tickets and community participation.
  • Merge users. All content created by them, like tickets and topics is also merged.
  • Resend an invitation so a user can access your portal.
  • Change a user’s primary email address.
  • Change a user’s password.
  • Send an email with a password reset link.

New bulk actions on users are available: send invites and password reset emails.


Brand new Tags management page, where you can create, rename, delete and even merge tags together.

But that’s not all:

  • Suggestions when you’re adding tags to a ticket.
  • Clicking on a tag opens a list of tickets that have it.
  • Tags are color-coded, with the ability to set custom colors.
  • Tickets and Community tags are managed separately. Tickets are private while community / knowledge base tags could be public.


Always be aware of what’s going on in your Helprace. Here are some of the things you can do in Reports:

  • Busiest time of day. Pinpoint days and times your customers are being most active.
  • Response time. Learn how long users normally wait for an agent's response.
  • First response time. Track how long it takes for agents to respond to a user's first message.
  • Resolution time. Find out the average time it takes to solve a ticket.
  • Replies to solve. Visualize ticket timelines: learn how many times a ticket is bounced around before it's solved.
  • Happiness report. See what customers are satisfied and what they have to say about your customer service.
  • Team report. View all reports according to team member.
  • Custom dates. See reports from a preset or custom date range.
  • Report Comparisons. Compare your reports to a previous period or custom date range.
  • Printable. Print reports in a nice, clean layout.
  • Business hours. Exclude non-working hours from being counted in Response and Resolution Time reports.
  • Views. Quickly recall reports by mailbox, tag, support channel, ticket type or ticket priority. Save these reports as views.

To turn on Reports you need to switch to Helpdesk or Complete plans on the Settings > Subscriptions & Billing page. Those on a free plan can go to the Reports page in the Admin Panel and request a time-limited trial (which includes features found in the Complete plan, including reports).

Your previous activity within the account is also reflected in Reports. Once you upgrade, you’ll be aware of crucial insights from day one.

SSL for your domain alias

SSL is now supported for your domain aliases and turned on by default. No charge.

Redesigned User Portal

Cleaner, more flexible and professional looking. If you’ve made changes to the design of your portal, your customizations are safe and sound. We checked.

Happy Helpracing!