Converting customers' emails into Helprace tickets

Email is one of multiple ways your customers can communicate with your company in Helprace. Here are some commonly asked questions:

How does it work?

When you signed up for your account in Helprace, you've received your own email address that is associated with your Helprace account. The address includes your help desk subdomain. For example, if you signed up for a Helprace account with "acme" subdomain, your user portal is available via this URL: and your helpdesk's email address is Whenever users send an email to it will appear in your Helprace admin panel in 'Tickets' section.

You can familiarize yourself with your new email by going to Settings > TICKETS > Emails page (only accessible to Owners or Admins).

You might also want to use your existing support email (e.g. in your Helprace account as well. This way, messages sent to your existing support address would also be converted to tickets in your Helprace. You could also reply from that address via Helprace. Learn more: Adding email accounts and setting up email forwarding

What are tickets?

When a customer sends you an email, it is magically transformed into a ticket before it reaches your Helprace admin panel. You or another agent also gets an email with the customer's message. Similarly, when you respond to a ticket, it reaches your customer in the form of an email.

Tickets are so much more convenient and flexible than simple emails thanks to the awesome search and filtering function, macros and canned responses, ticket statuses, tags, and your custom workflow scenarios supported by Helprace.

What happens when I respond to a ticket from Helprace?

Your customer receives a reply from you, which looks like a normal email. You can customize your email messages to include things like the ticket number, conversation history, satisfaction survey and much more.

How to change the look and behavior of email notifications?

These email notifications are sent by triggers that are activated under certain conditions, such as when a user replies to a ticket or ticket status is changed. You can change the behavior of the triggers and the look of email templates. Learn more: Using triggers and automations to manage ticket workflows

What the 'From' looks like when my customer gets a ticket response from me?

This is something that you can configure in a few different ways. Check this article for more details: When I send an email using Helprace, who is it 'From'?

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