Creating mailboxes and separating tickets received at different addresses

This article explains how to separate ticket conversations if they have been received at different email addresses.

We're going to cover two steps:

Add your email addresses

Let's say you'd like to receive emails to two addresses: and You'll need to add them in the Settings > TICKETS > Emails page of your Admin Panel and ensure that forwarding is configured properly. See the Adding email accounts and setting up email forwarding article for more details on adding email addresses.

Here is how the Emails page should look after you're done:

Use filters to separate tickets

Go to Tickets page and create a new filter by clicking the gear icon on the left and selecting Add Filter:

Then configure the new filter to show tickets with the inbox:

You might want to check the "Make filter available to all agents" checkbox to have this filter show up for all agents. Otherwise it will work as your own personal (private) filter. You can change this at any moment. Learn more about filters in Searching tickets and setting up filters article.

If you already have tickets corresponding to your filter, they will show up immediately:

Do the same for your "Company B" filter.

Tip: when a customer sends an email to and an agent replies, the reply is also sent from Learn more: When I send an email using Helprace, who is it 'From'?

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