Email forwarding from and Office365

  1. Login to your Helprace admin panel as an admin or owner.
  2. Go to Settings > TICKETS > Emails page.
  3. Copy your Helprace email address and head over to your account.
  4. After logging in to click the gear icon on the upper-right and select Options.

  5. Click on the Forwarding link on the left pane.

  6. You might see this message if your account is not yet verified. Proceed with a simple verification before you can enable forwarding. Click Verify your account and follow the instructions.

  7. Now that you're seeing the email forwarding options, paste your Helprace support email address (copied on step #3) and click Save.

  8. Now go back to your Helprace account and click Add Email Address.
  9. Type your existing support email there.

    You can also add a name (optional), which will be displayed in the email From and Reply to fields along with the email.
  10. That would be it! You can now try sending a test email to your existing support address and check if a ticket is created in your Helprace account.
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