Setup DKIM to help with email delivery

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a method that allows the receiving email server to validate the authenticity of your email messages.

Why should I use DKIM?

While DKIM is not required, emails signed with DKIM appear more legitimate to your recipients, so they are less likely end up in Junk/Spam folders. DKIM and SPF are also required for DMARC, a newer standard that helps reduce email spoofing even further.

Check Postmark's guide on DKIM if you wish to learn more technical details about how DKIM works.

Setting up DKIM

Make sure you have access to your domain control panel. You would need to create or update DNS records in order to setup DKIM.

Open your Helprace Admin Panel.

Go to Settings > TICKETS > Mailboxes.

Open a mailbox.

Expand the DKIM section.

Add both CNAME records you see there to your domain control panel, e.g.: CNAME CNAME

Replace "" with the domain of your mailbox (e.g. if your mailbox is, the domain would be

In some domain control panels you don't need to specify the domain. You can use "helprace1._domainkey" instead of "" in that case.

Instead of a single line input shown above, you may need to fill out a form with multiple fields. In that case:

First record:

  • Type / Record Type: CNAME Record
  • Host / Hostname: helprace1._domainkey
  • Target Name / Points To:
  • Time to Live / TTL: 3600 
    (optional; usually specified in seconds, it affects how soon the change is propagated)

 Second record:

  • Type / Record Type: CNAME Record
  • Host / Hostname: helprace2._domainkey
  • Target Name / Points To:
  • Time to Live / TTL: 3600

Please make sure you add both records, "helprace1" and "helprace2". This is required for proper settings rotation.

If you're unsure how to add a CNAME record, try searching your ISP documentation for "Create a CNAME record" or "Editing DNS records".

Once you've added your new CNAME records, you can go back to the mailbox and click Test to ensure that DKIM configuration is valid. It should turn to a green checkmark if everything is working properly. Please note, it can take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to propagate (usually this happens within an hour).

If you don't think you have access to your site DNS settings, pass this information on to your website administrator or the IT guy. They will know what to do.

Are SPF and DKIM required if I'm using a custom SMTP?

Yes. In case of SMTP failure we fall back to our mail server for sending your emails. For proper email delivery, it's important to have an SPF record that includes Helprace as permitted sender. It would also be nice to have DKIM set up.

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