Adding inboxes with non-personal emails

When adding a custom inbox to Helprace you may get a warning saying that email already belongs to an agent.

Technically, you can add a personal email as an inbox in Helprace. In most cases you would want to use a shared email (one that you intend to share with your team), such as or There are multiple reasons for doing so, including:

  • Customers send inquiries to a shared email, agents receive notifications to their personal email (they can respond to notifications and their response will be added to the ticket and sent to the customer).
  • This would prevent notifications intended for agents from being sent back to Helprace and stacking up in the Suspended Tickets folder.

So, if you want to add a new inbox, simply use a shared email account, one that's not used by any agent.

In case you're adding a shared email and still getting the warning, check the People page to see which agent has that email assigned to their account and change it. Then proceed with adding the shared email as an inbox.

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