Sending emails via custom SMTP

Normally Helprace takes care of sending all emails so you can keep your attention on responding to tickets. There is no need to use custom SMTP, unless it is required by your company's policy.

In case you wish to send emails via your custom SMTP, you can configure this in every mailbox's settings.

Setting up

  1. Go to Settings > TICKETS > Mailboxes.
  2. Click on a desired custom mailbox.
  3. Enable the Custom SMTP option.
  4. Fill in your SMTP server details and click "Test".
  5. Typical ports for SMTP are:
    • Non-secure: 25
    • SSL: 465
    • TLS: 587
  6. If everything is OK, you'll see the Success message.
  7. Otherwise check with your SMTP administrator if the credentials are correct.

To ensure that all your emails are delivered we fall back to Helprace mail servers if we're unable to send emails via your custom SMTP.

Using Gmail SMTP?

An additional step is required is you're using Gmail. In Google Mail you need to allow "less secure" apps access in order for your SMTP settings to work.

  1. Login to Gmail (make sure you're logged to the right account).
  2. Enable the "Allow less secure apps" option on this page:

Please note that this option is not available if you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled for your Google account.

Are SPF and DKIM required if I'm using custom SMTP?

Yes. In case of SMTP failure we fall back to our mail server for sending your emails. It would be important for proper email delivery to have an SPF record that includes Helprace as a permitted sender. It would also be nice to have DKIM set up.

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