Adding mailboxes and setting up email forwarding

There is a built-in mailbox in your Helprace account (e.g. You can use it immediately after signing up, no additional setup is required. Every time someone sends an email to that address, it gets converted to a ticket in your Helprace. Your outgoing mail is sent from that address as well. 

If you have one, you might want to add your existing team mailbox (e.g. to your Helprace account. This way, messages sent to your existing team address would also be converted into tickets, and you can reply to them through that address in Helprace.

Adding a team mailbox

  1. Login to your Helprace admin panel as an admin or owner (agents do not have access to these settings).
  2. Go to  Settings > TICKETS > Mailboxes. 
  3. Click Add a Team Mailbox.
  4. Add a name which will be displayed in the email From and Reply to fields along with the email.
  5. Insert your existing team address and click Next. (please avoid using a personal email here, here's why).
  6. Set up auto-forwarding so that emails coming to your team mailbox (e.g. get passed on to your built-in mailbox (e.g.
    If you're unsure how to do that, check the collection of tutorials below.
  7.  Your email provider might need to confirm that the address you're forwarding to is yours. You'll find a confirmation email as a ticket in your Helprace Admin Panel (it might also be in Suspended Tickets). Follow the instructions in that email to confirm the address.
  8. Hit Send Test Email and Helprace will send a message to your team mailbox to make sure it arrives to your Helprace account.

We also recommend you to create an SPF record for Helprace to help with delivery of your team's emails to your users. Learn more

Email auto-forwarding tutorials for specific mailboxes

If your mailbox provider is not listed here, try searching their documentation for "Automatically forward messages", "email forwarding", or "email forwarder".

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