When I send an email using Helprace, who is it 'From'?

The 'From' email address its Name displayed to your customer depends on a few factors. Let's assume that this is how your Settings > TICKETS > Emails page looks like:

You've got a 'System Address', which was created when you signed up for your Helprace account. You've got additional emails that you added & confirmed (learn more: Adding email accounts and setting up email forwarding). Note that each email has a 'Name' assigned to it and one of these emails is marked as 'Default'.

When an agent is creating a new ticket they can select a From address. The email will be sent to the user from that address. The selection field will include all emails you've added to the system. The email marked as 'Default' will be pre-selected.

Tip: If you've added only one email to your Helprace (e.g. you have just support@mycompany.helprace.com and support@acme.com) the From address selection will not appear and your custom email will be used (i.e. support@acme.com).

When an agent is replying to a ticket, there is no manual From address selection. A few simple rules apply instead:

  • If a user sent his email to a specific email address, the agent's reply to the ticket will be sent from that address.
  • If a user opened a ticket via the user portal or feedback widget, the agent's reply to the ticket will be sent from the email marked as 'Default' (support@acme.com in our case).

Personalized emails

When you're adding a new email to your Helprace account, you can assign a name to it, which will appear in the From field of outgoing emails. You'll also see how your From and Reply to fields will look like.

Click on the gear icon next to one of your emails and select 'Edit' to edit these properties.

You can opt for a human touch by turning on the Personalized Emails option. 

If you enable Personalized Emails, you'll see a different From field containing the agent's name and email name in parentheses:

Leave the Email Name field blank to have only the agent's name appear in the From field:

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