Adding email accounts and setting up email forwarding

When you created a Helprace account (e.g., you had a support email ( created automatically for you. Every time someone sends a message to this email, it gets converted to a ticket in your Helprace.

From there on, you can interact with your ticket in many ways. When you reply to it, the requester (the person who created the ticket) gets a message from that support email address (in this case

You might also want to use your existing support email (e.g. in your Helprace account as well. This way, messages sent to your existing support address would also be converted to tickets in your Helprace and you would reply from that address via Helprace.

We've put together a few guides tailored for specific email providers:

If your email provider in not in the list above, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Helprace admin panel as an admin or owner.
  2. Go to Settings > TICKETS > Emails page.

  3. Click Add Email Address.

  4. Type your existing support email there.

    You can also (optionally) add a name, which will be displayed in the email From and Reply to fields along with the email.

    The Wildcard option allows you to convert all emails sent to your company domain ( to tickets. Use this option if you've got a number of addresses and you'd like all of them to redirect to your Helprace. Otherwise, simply add each address as shown in this guide.
    Tip: The Wildcard option is also useful if customers are prone to misspelling your email address. If a user types in "" instead of "", that email will still get through.
  5. Before you click Save, create a rule in your mailbox to forward emails coming to your support email address (e.g. to the forwarding email address Helprace created for you while setting up (e.g. This is the most important step.
    You'll find forwarding instructions for some of the most popular email/domain hosting services below. Alternatively you can setup an MX record to send your mail to Learn more: Change your MX record to send your mail directly to your Helprace account
  6.  Your mail provider might need to confirm that the forwarding email address belongs to you. In that case you most probably find the confirmation email under Suspended Tickets in your Helprace Control Panel: 

    Follow the instructions in that email to confirm the address.
  7. Hit Save and you should get an email to the address you've just added. If that message has been passed on to Helprace properly, you're all set. Congratulations!

You would probably want to setup an SPF record to help with delivery of emails, such as your agents' ticket replies, to your users. Please, check this article for more information: Setup SPF to help with email delivery.

Tip: You may find that setting multiple emails is very useful. For example, you may want to set up "" and "". That way emails from certain addresses can be assigned to particular agents.

To learn more, see Adding users, admins, agents to your Helprace

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