Auto-assigning tickets to agents

Auto-assignment helps route new tickets among multiple agents.

Enabling auto-assignment

Go to Settings > TICKETS > Triggers page.

You'll see the trigger "Auto-assign ticket to the least busy agent" (it is disabled by default).

Activate the trigger.

Move it to the top of the active triggers list.

Auto-assign options

There are two ways in which tickets can be automatically assigned to agents: 

  • Least busy. Ticket will be assigned to the agent that has the least amount of Open and New tickets assigned to them.
  • Round-robin. Tickets are distributed in a circular order among agents.

Auto-assign only assigns tickets to agents. Admins and owners are excluded.

Please note that tickets won't be assigned to agents that have never logged in to the system. This is to avoid handing out tickets to inactive agents. The same is true for agents who have been blocked.

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