More Possibilities with Teams, Groups & Organizations

The wait is over! Today we're finally taking the wraps off Teams, User Groups and Organizations. This unleashes tons of possibilities in configuring and managing your help desk, docs and community. In short, here's what you can do with each:


  • Teams allow you to restrict agents access to tickets.
  • Restrict agent access to content (Spaces) in admin according to Team.
  • Use Teams in ticket rules & notifications and ticket routing.

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User Groups

  • User Groups are used to segment customers for targeted support.
  • Restrict user access to content (Spaces) in your portal according to Group.
  • Use User Groups in ticket rules & notifications and ticket routing.

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  • Users within an Organization can see or collaborate on tickets together.
  • Restrict user access to content (Spaces) in your portal according to Organization.
  • Use Organizations in ticket rules & notifications and ticket routing.

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Set ticket viewing restrictions

There will always be some confidential tickets (with private data or company information) that you'd rather hide from regular, front-of-the-line support agents.

You can now restrict ticket access to certain Teams - that is - make tickets visible only within the team they are assigned to.

Auto-assign tickets within a Team

The ability to escalate tickets in a meaningful way is finally here. You can escalate based on a user's email, domain, User Group, Organization, and many other criteria.

You can also assign tickets to a department, (ie, billing, sales) - and - do so automatically, in round robin method or to a least busy agent.

View tickets & topics by Organization

Organizations are always visible in the user sidebar, whether in tickets or user profile. Be aware of all user activity within any Organization, at all times.

Things like tickets started by other members of that Organizations, or community topics (questions, ideas, etc) submitted.

Let users see tickets within Organization

Sometimes you'd want to enable group interaction or at least get everyone "in the loop" of what's going on within their group. That's an edge Organizations can give you.

Organizations allows users from the same organization to view or respond to each other's tickets. You can customize ticket visibility on an organizational level.

Custom Space Restrictions

Set Spaces as public, for registered users & staff, only staff or only administrators. Limit spaces to certain users, teams and organization members. You can learn more about that here.

We hope you'll love these new updates as much as we do!

Last but still important!

New ways to search

We have greatly improved our search system and the quality of results. This will allow you to create more powerful filters (or views) for your team. Here are the new ways you can search in Helprace:

  • Tickets and ticket data, including new, more flexible date ranges.
  • Users, their personal information, location, social media, and more.
  • Search within Organization list, for users within an Organizations or Groups.

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Users in Rules & Notifications

There have also been some big changes in our Rules & Notifications, too. For example, we now allow you to specify conditions to include specific emails, wildcards, or users.

This allows you to perform any number of actions based on what user or email address contacts you.

We've also made many small improvements too long to list, all in the name for a better experience for you all!

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Yay, thank you so much for this great update! Can't wait to check out all these long-awaited features. Just in time for us!