Canned replies

One way you can improve your agents’ productivity is by using canned replies. Canned replies are customizable canned responses that allow you to automatically populate your replies with a single click.

If your support agents find themselves writing out the same response over and over again, it may be a sign to create a canned reply. A canned reply allows you to use the response when the same (or similar) issue comes up again.

Canned replies are in essence simple macros that only add a pre-defined text to a ticket (without changing its properties such as status, tags, cc, priority).

Using canned replies

While in a ticket, can click on the "Canned replies / macros" button.

Start typing to search for a desired canned reply or folder by its title. You can also navigate through folders using your mouse or keyboard.

Select an appropriate canned reply when you've found it.

It will populate the reply text.

Submit the ticket to send the reply.

Creating canned replies

  1. Open a ticket.
  2. Click on the Canned replies / macros button.
  3. Select Manage Macros.
  4. Click Add Macro
  5. Fill in the macro title and reply and click Save.
Tip: You can use placeholders in macro replies. Learn more: Helprace email placeholder guide.
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