Why can't I sign up or log in to my Helprace account?

Having trouble logging in, signing up or creating your very own Helprace?

No login screen / field

If you're working with Authentication options or Setting up Single Sign-On (SSO), you could accidentally lock yourself out of the admin panel.

Log in at this page in case of emergency (replace "account" with your Helprace account subdomain):  https://account.helprace.com/backup-login. There is no link to this page from the user portal.

Forgot password

If you cannot remember your password, simply click on "Forgot Password" and you'll get a chance to reset your password through the email address you used to register with Helprace.

Check your Spam folder if you haven't received reset instructions after a few minutes.

Managing your email address

Once you've logged in, you can manage or edit your email address.

  1. Click on your name in at the top right of the User Portal.

  2. Click on the Emails & Notifications tab

  3. Primary Email - This is the email you used to sign up to your Helprace account. By clicking on the ( x ) button, beside the email, you can disassociate that email with your account.
    Secondary Email - If you'd like to add additional emails, you can do so here. You can make your secondary email addresses primary. 
    You cannot delete your only email address. You can only do so after adding a secondary address. Upon adding and verifying a secondary address, you will be able to log in using both addresses, but your password will remain the same.
  4. Click Save.

Get your password reset by administrator

Your Helprace administrator can send you a password reset or change a password themselves. This can be done by going into  People, clicking on the ⋮ button beside the user's name.

Creating your own Helprace

While many join us with the intention of starting a community or knowledge base right away, we get even more people trying to set up their own Helprace after poking around in our User Portal.

In that case, you can create a Helprace admin's account out of a user account. You can do so on the signup page.

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