SSO workflow

Im digging deeper into the SSO integration with wordpress (using your plugin) and have following question:

We will have people who create their logins directly with our helprace community first and will not have a wordpress account, but then later will become our customer at which point they will create an account on our wordpress site.

At that point, I want to be able to connect that wordpress user with his account in helprace community by updating their `external_id` in helprace by searching for their account via their email address.  Is that possible to do on an update via api? 

At that point, would the user be forced to use the SSO login option to login? or could they use their previously created helprace login?

For new users on our wordpress site that don't exist in our helprace community, we plan to perform a create via the api to add them to helprace.  Is it possible to also send their password so that they can login directly into helprace and not have to click on the SSO icon to login?

Also. would it be possible to update their password via the api?

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Helprace Wordpress plugin doesn't use external_id. This makes it very simple to sync your users.

If user has created an account in Helprace portal and later on created an account with the same email address in your Wordpress site, then the first time they log in via SSO, their accounts will be merged. They would be able to login via SSO as well as by using their Helprace account credentials. The login method would be up to them.

If user signed up in Helprace and your Wordpress site with different email addresses, you can merge their user accounts in Helprace via admin panel (users can't be merged via API). The result would be the same - they would be able to log in using either method. Learn more: Merging users

Yes, you can add users via API Create User endpoint. For security reasons, we do not send passwords via email. So you just need to set "invited":"true" flag when creating a user via API and the user will get an email with a link that allows them to setup a password.

Please note that, as you're using SSO, creating users via API is not necessary. When user signs in via SSO, an account is created for them automatically.

ok, that makes sense.  I'm ok with everything except I still feel that users' won't know how to use the SSO option of the login popup.

Hence my idea: https://support.helprace.com/i714-sso-custom-icon-and-text

I think would really help make it easier for user to understand how they can use their login to my site.

Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Thanks for posting