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I want to integrate helprace with our site (www.lifelaunchr.com) and have the account lifelaunchr.helprace.com. I'm trying to to figure out how users who have already registered at lifelaunchr.com can use those accounts on helprace, so they don't have to create duplicate accounts. Can you tell me what I need to do to upgrade my account to allow this, and also which protocol you use so we can implement the server-side authentication?

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I'm glad to tell that Single Sign On is up and running now. Here is how to get started:

Setting up Single Sign-On based on JWT (JSON Web Token)

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Venkates, we have recently refactored the authorization module and the Single Sign On feature is disabled for the time being. This is our high priority task though and we will be getting it back to work asap. We're using JWT and SAML.

It will be available in Targeted and All-In subscription plans.

I am also looking for SSO to integrate with my existing user database.

When will documentation for this and the API be available?

We haven't got around it yet, unfortunately. I'll update in this topic (and in the topic about API respectively) when we'll have it released. Thank you for your patience!

As I understand, 6 months ago you'd indicated this was a high priority. Has it been done yet?

I'm sorry for the delay. Single Sign On feature haven't been updated yet. Thank you for your patience.

I'll update in this topic with any news about it.

Hi - don't know where you are with SSO, but can you handle OpenID Connect to other identity providers?

Looking forward to single sign on too, we have a good user base of 10,000 users, with single sign on we would be able to create a true community in a flash : ) 


Our products serve a very niche market, and we will need to make sure our knowledge base is viewable only by our registered users. Solid product, tons of freatures, but no SSO is a deal breaker. Any updates on a timeframe?

Although we haven't released this update yet, It's still on our roadmap.

Thanks for your quick reply Edward. That's good to know it's still something you guys are looking into. As we are evaluating products do you have a timeframe on the roadmap? 

Unfortunately not at the moment, but I'll update in this topic immediately when I have any news.


Good news, everyone! We're currently developing Single Sign On and expecting JWT to be available in January.

We need your input to adjust our development schedule :) We welcome your answers to the following questions:

  1. We are developing JWT right now and considering SAML to follow with future updates. Which one would you need in your project?
  2. Do you need both JWT and SAML turned on at the same time (so that some of your users/agents would log in via JWT and others via SAML)?
  3. Whom are you planning to authenticate via SSO: your agents/admins, users (customers), or both?
  4. Are you going to keep social authentication options (via Facebook, Twitter, Google) turned on along with SSO authorization?
  5. Are you going to allow users to signup and login using Helprace login option along with the SSO authorization?

Thank you!

Hey Edgar, here is some feedback from our dev team for you!

1) Haven't used any of these but JWT looks good, would be easier in implementation it seems.
2) No. One method would be fine
3) Users (Customers)
4) No plans for that
5) Hard to say. However one unified method would be easier to maintain

Thanks, and we'll be looking forward to single sign-on!

Bertrand, thanks for your feedback! It's good to know that the upcoming single sign-on will support your scenario :) We're counting days left until the SSO release.


I'm glad to tell that Single Sign On is up and running now. Here is how to get started:

Setting up Single Sign-On based on JWT (JSON Web Token)