Webhooks allow Helprace to call a script on your server when one or more events have happened. You can think of Webhooks as push notifications or event listeners. Webhooks send requests in JSON format.

Webhooks can be triggered when users, tickets, community topics or KB articles are created or updated.

Getting started

You can view, add, update, and remove webhooks via API. For convenience you can use our API docs page, which allows you to call API endpoints (e.g. Create Hook) without writing a single line of code.

Turn on API on the Settings > INTEGRATIONS > API page in your admin panel.

Generate an API key on that page.

Go to the WebHooks > Create Hook page in API docs.

Login to API docs by providing your account name and separately your email with the API key in the following format:


Click -> button to login.

Click on BODY SAMPLE on the left and then click on the JSON sample to paste it into the request body.

Modify the code as you see fit. For instance you can specify a desired event (or an array of ["multiple", "events"]) or change the callback_url.

Go to the WebHooks > Description page to learn more about using Webhooks in Helprace.

Try the Webhook Tester. It's a 3rd party site that allows you to test your webhook events without writing an actual webhook handler. You can copy a unique URL from that site and use it as a callback_url in your webhooks.

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