Syntax highlighting for code snippets

We have added syntax highlighting to Helprace. To add a prettified code snippet:

  1. Click on the (Insert/Edit code sample) button in your WYSIWYG editor.  

  2. Select the markup/programming language from the list.
  3. Paste the code.

  4. Click OK.

You can add code with the highlighted syntax using the WYSIWYG editor (that is, to your articles, topics, replies, macros, tickets, triggers, automations, etc). Your customers can also add code snippets when they're submitting a ticket or idea/question/problem.

To edit an existing code snippet, click on it and then click the Insert/Edit code sample button.

To remove the snippet, click on it and press the Backspace/Delete key.

The list of programming and markup languages is arranged in alphabetical order. If your language is not listed there, please mention it in your reply to this post. We'll add it asap.

Syntax highlighting works in all modern web browsers.

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