Setting up Google Analytics to monitor your User Portal

To find the tracking code or your property ID in your Google Analytics account:

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account, and go to the admin page.
  2. Select an account from the drop-down in the Account column.
  3. Select a property from the drop-down in the Property column.

  4. Click Tracking Info.

    The tracking ID is a string like UA-12345678-1. The first set of numbers (12345678, in the example) refers to your account number, and the second set (01, in the example) refers to the specific property number associated with the account. The tracking ID is in large font on the Tracking Info page.
  5. Copy your tracking ID to the Settings > Google Analytics page in Helprace Admin Panel and turn on the "Enable Google Analytics" option.

  6. Click Save.
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