Translating Helprace to your language

In this article, we'll explain how to participate in translating Helprace into your language and changing the language of your Helprace once translation is completed.

Topics covered in this article.

Changing the UI language

To change the language throughout your Helprace, go to the Settings > GENERAL > Localization page, select the desired language and click Save. Your page will reload and you'll see the admin panel and User Portal translated into your new language.

If you don't see your language here, please let us know and we'll happily add it.

Note: You will only see approved translations in the drop list.

Note: Language changes trigger re-indexing of your account. Re-indexing takes some time (usually a few minutes) and you may experience search glitches until it is done.

Translating the UI

If you wish to improve an existing translation you can do that on the Translation Portal.

You don't need to download or upload any files to translate (though you can, if you'd prefer to work in a different tool, like poEdit). The portal is open to everyone but moderated by our staff, who approve all translations. We are notified of any edits or new translations and push them as soon as possible.

Visit the Helprace Translation Portal to get started. If it's your first visit, you'll need to create an account.

You'll see many languages at various translation stages. Follow these steps:

1. Click on a desired language. If you don't see your language you can always suggest it.

2. Click on Helprace.pot on the next page. The blue bar represents non-approved translations and the green bar is what's been approved.

3. Click on the cog in the top-right corner.

Enable "Fuzzy" matches with 60% similarity match. This will display suggestions with similar strings or older versions of the same string if they were modified in the source language (English), greatly speeding up your translation efforts.

4. Familiarize yourself with the translation interface:


5. Now you're ready to go!

Click on a string you would like to translate, type in your translation and click Save to move on to the next string. Clicking on a suggested translation copies it to the input field - a huge time-saver for relatively simple translations.

Note: Translated strings will not appear in your Helprace automatically. Our staff and language moderators must approve all translations for the language to go live. This is done to maintain a high level of translations for all our customers.

We are using the Crowdin platform to manage our translations. For more information visit their Getting Started page.

Happy translating!

Checking, Voting and Proofreading

Vote for the best translation

Since everyone can suggest their own translation, you'll often see multiple suggestions for one string. You can vote on most appropriate translations to help our staff and language moderators in making the best decision:

Proofreading Translations

While everyone can vote for suggested translations, you can also apply to be a proofreader. Proofreaders can approve and disapprove suggested translations. This will let you ensure the best quality of translation to your language.

Proofreading can be done via translation interface. Proofreader can select one of the suggestions by clicking the checkbox.

It might be even more convenient to use the proofreading mode instead. For that select "Open in Proofreading Mode" from the [...] menu on the language page.

Proofread mode enables Proofreader to see original string and translation side-by-side and approve multiple languages at a time.

Please, let us know if you feel that you could be a good Proofreader. Being a native speaker and having suggested translations makes you a perfect candidate!

We are using the Crowdin platform to manage our translations. For more information about proofreading visit their Proofreading page. 

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3 replies

I'm finished with the Dutch language. It took about 12 hours total. I found it fun to do and the translation tools are very supportive.

Some suggestions for translators:

I found it fastest to use the Translation Portal (not Translation Mode). I suggest you first complete 100% of the translation there. When in doubt about the right translation, just enter something. Afterwards, enter Translation Mode. This shows your translation in the interface. Just click through all the pages and buttons, you will encounter any 'odd' translations and can fix them right away. This way, you don't have to ask the Helprace staff for 'context' (you'll see what I mean by that once you start translating).

@Helprace: I think I translated most interface elements (one exception being the screen that appears when you change your plan). For a full localization, we should also translate the e-mails that Helprace sends out. Are you planning to make these available for translation as well?

I just wanted to add - if you're in doubt about the right translation, feel free to add a comment to that string and request a clarification. We'll get a notification and add a textual or screenshot context.

@Roelof: The good news is you have already translated all emails!

We're going to complete review of your translation and upload the changes you've suggested and reported in the coming days. Then we will make your translation available to you and other Helprace users.

You've done a remarkably good job with the translation. It's been a pleasure to work with you. I'm thinking you could be a proofreader for future edits in Dutch (you could approve changes made by future translators). It's certainly not an obligation, but a privilege :) Would you accept?

Sure I'll proofread future translations. Will you inform me what I need to do to approve future changes?

@aloner I don't think I've translated all e-mails. For example, today I received an e-mail with the subject 'Workflow features in your Helprace'. This is from a series of e-mails, I think I received one every day since I opened a Helprace account. I can't find the text of this e-mail in the translation portal. Don't you want to add these? Or have you deliberately decided to leave these out of the scope of translations?

Roelof, that one is one of the promotional emails with the tips on how to use Helprace. I believe those will stay in English for now. Everything else should have been translated by now, e.g. ticket workflow emails, topic and activity notifications, etc. I hope that we will deploy an update with the latest changes to the language today (or tomorrow - the latest) and then you can select Dutch in your account settings. Sorry for a delay in this matter, we're working on a few tiny updates related to the language feature to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Roelof, we have updated Helprace today and uploaded your Dutch translation. You can now switch the UI to Dutch. Please note that default ticket filters, triggers, automations, and SLA rules have been created with the initial account setup and wouldn't translate automatically. You  would need to reset them (if you made no changes yet):

@Helprace: one issue with Translation Mode: it does not show the content areas (I mean where you type your message or description) when in Translation Mode. This happens in all screens (problems, ideas, praise, etc but also when you make a reply). So you are unable to check those out. Perhaps you could fix this.

Thank you for reporting this! We'll get it fixed asap.

This issue has been fixed!

Dear Roelof,

Thank you for accepting! I've promoted you to proofreader of the Dutch translation. Being a proofreader you can approve and disapprove suggested translations now. You can do that from the proofreading mode shown on this screenshot or from the usual translation mode