You Asked for It, You Got It: Translate Your Helprace

It wasn't long before our friends from around the world started telling us they needed languages other than English to better support their clients. Over time, this suggestion has gathered a handful of votes to the point that we couldn't ignore such a pressing request.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we've implemented our first most requested feature to date, which is to have Helprace available in multiple languages. This represents an important shift in the direction we’ll be working in – that is, listening, tracking and implementing your most popular requests. We’ll be working side-by-side with our translators in order to roll out languages as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of translations.

Why translate?

Faster. Better. Easier.

By now, everyone is familiar with crowdsourcing. The idea stems from utilizing the collective knowledge and resources to make a difficult task manageable and easily solvable. Using this method, we’re expecting to roll out quality translations in record time.

Support in your language

No matter what corner of the globe your business serves, the admin interface and User Portal will be tailored to your audience. Customers will find their answers quicker and your team will serve them better – what’s not to love?

Search & SEO optimized

Supporting different languages demands language-specific search functions such as stemming, morphology & stop words.  Helprace translations are also SEO-friendly, so your audience lands on the right page when coming from Google.

Interested in helping out?

  1. Register or sign into our translation portal using your social media account
  2. Select a desired language
  3. Submit your translations

It’s easy to contribute, whether you have a little or a lot to add. Many can collaborate on suggestions and edits, speeding up the translation process. In turn, our language moderators will be on standby to approve your edits in record time! For more information please read Translating Helprace to your language.

We're always looking to improve our ways. If you'd like to suggest new languages, translation methods or anything else please suggest them here.

Thanks for making Helprace accessible to the world!