User data privacy guide (GDPR & HIPAA compliance)

This guide helps you comply with various legal requirements regarding handling personal data.

As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is requiring every company that holds personal information about an individual (this includes your users, customers and staff members) to give these individuals more control over their data.

We have updated our policies, and are compliant with:

  • The EU Data Protection Directive & GDPR and offer DPA as part of our Terms of Service.
  • The US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) certification and its requirements to handle protected health information.

Requesting user consent

If you enable Request User Consent, Helprace will start showing a message to users in your support portal requesting they accept your policy.

To enable this, go to the Settings > SECURITY > Privacy page.

By default, this points to our Privacy Policy, but you can enter a URL to your policy instead.

Your support portal will be requesting user consent in these cases:

  • When users sign up, they'll see a message saying that by registering they agree to the policy.
  • When users have signed up but haven't agreed to the policy, they'll keep seeing a green message in the portal header until they give their consent.
    This also applies to users who signed up before you enabled this option, as well as users whose accounts have been created automatically, e.g. by invitation or when Helprace receives their email and converts it to a ticket.
  • When posting tickets or topics anonymously, they'll see a message saying that by hitting Send, they agree to the policy.
  • During Single Sign On logins. Helprace assumes that you take care of the user consent on your signup page.

Once users give their consent to have their personal data processed they will stop seeing the consent messages.

Withdrawing consent

User can withdraw their consent at any time by going to their profile page and unchecking that they agree to the policy.

Deleting user data

Users can delete personal data from their profiles:

Deleting your profile as a user

Agents have a different way to delete or amend user details as well as their own details:

Deleting a user as an agent

You can also give users the ability to delete data they added to your Helprace account. You can do that on the Settings > SECURITY > Privacy page by enabling the following:

  • Users Can Delete Tickets
  • Users Can Delete Topics
  • Users Can Delete Comments (for topic comments and replies)

Once these options are enabled, your users will be able to delete their data:

Exporting user data

User data can be exported via API. See Introduction to Helprace REST API  for more details.

Editing user data

Agents can edit anyone's details from the Admin Panel:

Editing user details

Users and Agents can edit their details from their Profile page:

Managing your user profile and account settings

Other settings

Disabling the Contact Cloud app

Changing your data hosting region

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