Managing your user profile and account settings

Every user, admin, agent and owner has a profile in your Helprace with their own personal details. In this article we're going to talk about the different ways your users can join Helprace, how they can set up their profiles and how you can set up your own profile.

Ways users can join your Helprace

There are three ways your users can join Helprace:

  • Register by clicking "sign up" in your Helprace User Portal
    This prompts the user to input the first, last name as well as a valid email address and password.

  • Log in using your social media accounts
    Users are able to log in to Helprace using their social media accounts without having to register.
    Helprace allows you to log in using your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

  • Be invited by the Owner, Admin or Agent using the Helprace admin panel.
    A staff member can invite another user with that user's email address.
    At that point, the invitee will recieve an email with a confirmation link with further instructions.

    Role & Description Can add / block / edit

       Holder of your Helprace account


       Manages your Helprace account


       Your customer support staff


       Your customer or site visitor


    To find out more information, read about Adding users, admins, agents to your Helprace.

Accessing your account

As a user:

Click on your name on the upper-right corner of the User Portal, and that will take you to your profile page. You can also click on the downward arrow beside your name to get a quick overview of your profile.

As a staff member:

If you're in the admin panel, you click on your avatar and then on your name. If you're in the User Portal, you can do the above step to get to your profile page.

Editing profile information (top)

Once you're in your personal account, you can make changes to your:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Organization name
  • Organization website
  • Avatar

You can also change your password and adjust the email notifications settings.


You can add a photo to your profile from your computer (the image file must not be larger than 1MB). Alternatively, if you have a gravatar associated with your email address, your profile picture will already be set with that gravatar. To associate your email address with a photo, visit

Changing your organization details:

Your organization details consist of:

  • Job Title
  • Organization Name
  • Organization Website

This information shows up on your public profile page and in a pop-up when someone hovers your avatar.

Editing emails and notifications (top)

Primary Email

This is the email you used to sign up to your Helprace account. By clicking on the ( x ) button, beside the email, you can disassociate that email with your account. All notifications from the community will be sent to your primary email.

Tip: You cannot delete your only email address. You can only do so after adding and verifying a secondary address.

Secondary Emails

If you'd like to add additional emails, you can do so here. You can make your secondary email addresses primary.

Tip: Upon adding and verifying a secondary address, you will be able to log in using both addresses, but your password will remain the same.

Email Notifications

As a user, you can set email notifications to keep track of:

  • New replies to topics that you posted, replied to or followed
  • Option to receive a "daily digest" instead of a notification for every single event

As a staff member, you can set email notifications for the above in addition to:

  • Every new topics created, and their subsequent status changes (e.g. if an Idea status was changed from Planned to Started)
  • Every new reply and comment to every topic
  • Option to receive a digest instead of a separate notifications for these events

Change Password

To change your password, simply type in your existing password, your new one and click Save.

External Accounts

If you log in to Helprace using your social media account (Facebook, Twitter or Google+), that account will appear in this list. The first name, last name and email address that your social media account is associated with will be applied to Helprace. You can remove this association by clickin on the ( x ) button.

Tip: If you already have a Helprace account, logging in with your social media account will cause it to show up in this list.

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