Tags management

You can add tags to tickets, community topics or knowledge base articles to organize and manage your support workflows. Here we'll talk about setting up and working with tags.

Go to Manage > Tags to organize your tags. Here's what you can do there:

  • Create new tags
  • Edit tag name
  • Change tag color
  • Merge multiple tags into one
  • Search for tickets or topics by tag(s)
  • Delete tags
  • Sort tags

There are two sets of tags: Ticket Tags and Community Tags (Knowledge Base tags are shown here, too). They are not related. If you have two tags with the same name for tickets and community/KB, editing/merging/deleting one tag will not affect another. This is because ticket tags are strictly internal and would never be shown to your customers, while tags for community and knowledge base can be public or internal depending on your user portal settings.

Although ticket tags and tags for community/KB are separate, tag management is identical for them.

Create new tags

Click + to add a new tag. Give it a name, select a desired color and click save.

Add tags to tickets

You do not have to go to the tags management page to create new tags tough. You can easily create them when creating or updating a ticket.

If ticket doesn't have any tags yet, start adding them by clicking on Tags link.

You can type one or multiple tags separated by commas or select them from suggested list.

Click Submit to save your changes.

Edit tag name or change its color

To edit a tag:

  1. Select a tag.
  2. Click on the Edit button.
  3. Change tag name or color.
  4. Click Save.

You can only edit one tag at a time.

Merge tags

  1. Click on tags that you wish to merge.
  2. Click on the Merge button.
  3. Type a desired name and color of the resulting merged tag.

As a result of merge, all tickets/topics that had at least one of the selected tags will be assigned a new tag name and color.

Search for tickets or topics by tag(s)

  1. Select on one or multiple tags.
  2. Click Search by Tags button.
  3. You'll see a clickable list of tickets/topics that have at least one of the selected tags (OR logic).

Note. You can also search tickets by tags on the Tickets page in the admin panel by typing tag:nameofmytag in the search field. The same works for community and KB articles in the admin panel as well as in the user portal. See Helprace search guide for more information.

You can also click on a tag when viewing a ticket. That will open a list of tickets that have that tag.

Delete tags

  1. Select tags you wish to delete
  2. Click Delete button.

Please note that deleted tags will be removed from all tickets/topics it was assigned to. This action is irreversible.


Tags are sorted by usage by default. Tags that are assigned to most number of tickets/topics are shown at the beginning. Click on the sorting option on the right to sort of name or change the direction of sorting.

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