Apps in Helprace

Helprace Apps is the management center for your Helprace account. Apps allow you to enable or disable the three support components: Knowledge Base, Tickets and Community. Disabled components completely disappears from your admin panel, as well as the User Portal seen by your end users. By default all Apps are enabled.

In this article we'll look at how the Apps work, how to disable and enable them, as well how the web portal looks from your customer's perspective.

Turning Apps on / off

Head to  Settings > Apps

Click on the app thumbnail to see more details about the app. It also shows a green "App is installed" message here, if it is enabled.

Clicking the Install or Uninstall button on this page will install or uninstall the app. Please give it a few moments as it reloads the whole web page after you click one of these buttons.

Apps vs. Community Support Channels

While Helprace Apps control what's visible to your agents and customers when they access your support system, support channels are specific to the Community App.

For example, if you'd like to track customer requests with a ticketing system, share documentation and collect praise, you'll need to enable the following Apps:

  • Tickets
  • Community
  • Knowledge base

Then you must disable Questions, Ideas, Problems from view, leaving only the Praise channel visible in the User Portal.

Hiding community support channels from view

You can hide specific channels from view in your User Portal by unchecking "Enable This Channel" in Settings > Community. All data will be saved and accessible in the Admin Panel, however.

You can also hide updates, knowledge base, questions, ideas, problems and praise channels the same way.

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