Remove Updates, Knowledge Base, Problems, Questions, Ideas, Praise from User Portal

Your Helprace Community is divided into sections we call Community Support Channels.

You have the option of choosing whether or not you want Questions, Ideas, Problems, Praise, Knowledge Base, and Updates channels to appear in your User Portal.

Head to the Settings page.

If you don't see them, it means your Community app is uninstalled. Check this article to learn how to install the needed app: Customize your User Portal and Admin Panel with Apps

Open a channel that you do not wish to see in your Support Portal and disable it. Here is how you can disable Questions, for example:

  1. Select Questions under Community.
  2. Uncheck "Enable This Channel".
  3. Click Save.

Here is how the user portal looks before you disable Questions:

Here is how it looks after Questions channel is disabled:

As you can see, this removed Questions from the menu on the left, Question tab from the widget and every other mention of Question in the portal.

You can repeat these steps for every other channel you wish to remove. Removing channels from the portal doesn't remove them from the admin panel. You can keep using them internally.

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