Participating in the Community using the User Portal

The Helprace community is designed to be a one-stop self-service solution. Users are able to look for and find information using a search function that indexes topics, replies and knowledge base articles. If your customers can't find an answer, they are welcome to submit a request. Your staff members can participate in the User Portal as well, having access to functions that regular users do not.

This chart shows the user portal access privileges for various user roles:

User role Permissions in user portal
Anonymous user
  • Search
  • View public areas
  • Share topics on social media networks
  • Submit a support request
Registered user

Registered users can do the above as well as:

  • Start topics (questions, ideas, problems and praise)
  • Assign their topics to categories
  • Participate in all discussions
  • Comment on knowledge base articles
  • Vote on questions, ideas, problems, articles
  • Follow questions, ideas, problems, articles
  • Manage their existing requests, subscriptions and profile info

Agents can do the above as well as:

  • View private spaces restricted to agents
  • Add, edit, delete and mark content as spam
  • Mark replies as best
  • Add, edit, modify articles in knowledge base
  • Post updates (news)
  • Reorder articles in the knowledge base
  • Create topic categories
Admin / Owner

Admins and owners can do the above as well as:

  • Modify user portal settings
  • Modify branding and look of user portal

How to participate in the Helprace community

Your Helprace user portal's home page has a search bar at the top of the page. This allows all site visitors to quickly find what they're looking for. The home page can be customized to suit your product offering or customer base. To learn more about customizing your Helprace, take a look at Branding your Helprace

Browse topics

As an anonymous user, you are free to browse topics and articles in the user portal. Suppose we select the Questions channel. You are able to sort questions based on their importance or resolution stage. These sorting features extend to other channels in the Helprace User Portal.

Start a topic

Tip: You must be a registered user to create, follow, reply or vote for a topic in a channel (such as Questions, Ideas, Problems, Praise). You don't need to be a registered user to submit an email request.

Tip: Staff members can edit, delete and mark user content as best anywhere in Helprace. These functions are accessible in the admin panel and the User Portal.

  1. Select your channel by clicking the tab on the search bar. Suppose we select Questions or Ask a Question

  2. Type in your search query and click Continue. One of the three things can happen:
    • Helprace finds matches to your phrase or keywords and displays them. Clicking on a match will take you to that discussion.
    • If none of the matches are satisfactory, you can click Continue Posting. This will allow you to post your question in the Questions channel.
    • If Helprace finds no match, it will allow you to post your question immediately.

Reply to a topic

  1. Find a discussion of your choice.Click Reply and type in your response.
  2. To comment on a reply, click on the grey speech bubble with Comment beside it and a text box will appear.

Tip: Only replies are counted in topic statistics. That is because replies are responses to topics whereas comments are responses to replies.


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