Participating in the Community from the Admin Panel

Your staff members are given full access to community discussions via the user portal. This way, agents can jump into discussions in real time and offer their insight with ease.

In this article, you'll learn how to post in your community as an agent from the Admin Panel.

Adding a new topic

  1. Enter the admin panel and go to the Community page
  2. Click on the ( + ) icon to the right of the search bar
  3. Select the type of item you wish to add from the drop down list. If you're in a particular channel already (as in Questions) the drop-down list will be set to that item

  4. When you're finished composing your item, click Save

Editing an existing topic

Suppose you want to find requests that didn't receive a reply from a staff member yet. Your Helprace has a list of quick-reference filters beside the search bar marked by a lightning bolt. For more information about sorting and filtering functions in Helprace, visit Community sorting options.

  1. Enter the admin panel and go to the Community page
  2. Optionally, pick a channel in the menu on the left. We've selected Questions
  3. Click on the lighting bolt button to the left of the search bar and select No Staff Reply from the list
  4. Choose an article to reply to. To manage user replies, click on the cog below a reply. You can mark a reply as best, edit, delete it or mark it as spam.

Tip: Only staff members are able to mark replies as best. This pushes the most relevant and informative answer to the top of each thread.

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