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Sergio, thank you for your question!

Helprace detects your date and time format and timezone automatically. It asks your web browser for that info. There is no need to set that in your profile, like it was in the old times. Please let me know if you're experiencing any particular issues with that.

Although at this point there are no localization settings or packages, Helprace has been designed in such a way that translation to different languages wouldn't be a problem. We are looking to arrange crowd-sourced translation next year.


Thanks, Edward.

My problem is that the most of my customers would appreciate a whole interface in Italian for many reasons. This issue is curently quite a constraint and so I cannot propone Helprace solution as a valid current alternative to our -old-  web-ticketing system, based on OsTicket. Anyway I'll keep on following Helprace, maybe ready to help its  "localization project" when it will start (if any).

Localization is an important feature for Helprace. I'm sure you'll have a Helprace community with Italian interface pretty soon! I'll post an update here once translating tools are available.


We added a topic about this to Ideas. Feel free to vote and comment on it:



Sergio, we have added localization feature to Helprace. It's been translated to Dutch and Russian already. This guide tells how to get started with your translation: Translating Helprace to your language