Knowledge base articles

Knowledge base allows you to share user guides, docs and other materials between your team members, your customers or site visitors.

Although your customers cannot add knowledge base articles by themselves, they can comment on existing articles and rate their usefulness.

You can create categories and tags to organize articles.

Articles and categories are displayed in a chronological order by default. You can reorder them at any time.

Agent collision detection keeps agents aware when other agents are editing a particular article. This helps ensure multiple agents don't make changes to an article at the same time and overwrite each others' work. Learn more


Under the Knowledge Base section in Settings you can do a number of things.

You can toggle Knowledge Base on the user portal, change how articles are listed, set commenting and voting options.

If you enable article usefulness rating, users will see "Was this article helpful?" with a "Yes / No" under each article. This gives you valuable feedback on each specific article. Learn more

Articles can be closed for commenting individually. Learn more

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