Changing the order of Knowledge Base articles

When your knowledge base grows in size, you may want to make your articles easier to locate and navigate.

Based on how your users behave in your knowledge base, you may find that reorganizing and touching up information keeps your users more engaged with your content.

Your company spaces have their own knowledge base which can be divided into categories. To learn more about categories, take a look at Adding categories to your Knowledge Base

Changing the directory an article belongs to

  1. Click on the Community or Knowledge Base tab in the admin panel
  2. Select Knowledge Base in the sidebar
  3. Select a knowledge base article in the item list. Click Edit.

    In the example above, the article was posted in the BlueFone Lincoln Park space and in the Widget Shipping category. You may find that this article is more suited to the Getting Started category. Just select the category and save the article.
  4. Hit Save Published. Your article has just been moved to the specified category.

Changing the order of articles

  1. Click on the Community or Knowledge Base tab in the admin panel
  2. Select Knowledge Base in the sidebar
  3. Click on the cog on the right of the search bar and select Change Order.

    You can now click and drag any article to a desired destination.

    You can also move categories (the gray folders) around on that screen.

Changing the order of categories

You do not have to open the Change Order page to reorder your categories though. You can simply click and drag the folders on the sidebar in the order that you wish.

Tip: Your categories and article will show up in the user portal in the same order.

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