Time tracking for tickets

I need the ability to create and present reports to my clients as to how much time they have used in a period, a listing of incidents for a client; dates, times, brief summaries of ticket problem and maybe even resolution.  Also I am looking for a program with a timer and/or time sheet attached to the ticket.

Most of my clients are businesses who are contracted with me for IT services. So I need to bring up a Company... which might have several users linked to it, and start a ticket, which in turn might have several actions and updates with time and notes attached to it.

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Idea has been suggested by Doug. Feel free to vote and comment!


This is a feature that I need for use with my IT Support company. Especially having company organization, being able to have individual users create tickets and have all of the info for that ticket available, including time spent on task, services installed, and products sold.